The Flatland London Service

Appointment-Making with Flatland London

Flatland London has been finding homes for people of all budgets across London since 1971. We assist by being the ‘middle-man’ between you and our contacts, a large network of landlords and property agents across London who offer a broad spectrum of properties to suit all budgets.

Flatland has built up a large portfolio of landlords over the last 36 years who only work through Flatland and who offer budget accommodation. We will put you in touch with the right people.

So how does the service work exactly?

It’s simple! Here’s a quick rundown of how our appointment-making service works...

1. Search for properties

Have a look through our properties by searching from the homepage to see if we have the right kind of properties for you. Remember, if you are looking for something a little more up-market then you can always visit our sister site Flatland Residential. The properties on this website are typical examples of the properties in the 3-5 storey Victorian Houses that we work with but may not specifically be available to rent when you require. If you are interested in having appointments, you are required to telephone the Availability Telephone Number on the sign-up page before you pay the service fee.

2. Call our office to check availability

The rental market is always on the move, and that’s why we always ask customers to check current availability by calling Flatland London, see sign-up page. Of course you can visit us at our office to meet our friendly staff and have a free consultation.

3. Sign-up to our service

It will only take a minute to sign-up for our appointment making service online with a payment card, and as you would expect the process is completely secure. Alternatively, you can sign-up over the telephone by calling or visiting our office.

4. View unlimited properties

You now have 3 months to see unlimited properties until you find the right place. You get exclusive access to our special hotline number (open from 10am Monday to Saturday), and priority when visiting our office to receive your appointments.

Remember, our staff are always here to help. In addition to making your appointments they can offer you with advice as to what to look for in which areas, and what to expect for your budget. If you prefer to see a consultant face-to-face please feel free to come into the office where we can also provide you with maps and travel directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

For one person looking for accommodation, the service costs £61.50 For two or more people, the service costs £71.50. To purchase, please go to our sign-up page where you can begin the 3 month service. Once you have paid, you will be emailed a confirmation from WorldPay with your transaction ID and the hotline telephone number which you can use to call and make appointments when you are ready.

How do you differ from an estate agency?

Our service is very different to that of an estate agency. We do not drive you to the properties to view them, or organise your contract once you have taken a property. If you take a property through us, all the paperwork will be done directly through the Landlord and you pay the rent and deposit directly to the Landlord. Because of this, we do not charge any commission on top of your weekly rent, and that is what helps to make our properties so reasonably priced! An estate agency charges anywhere between 10% and 20% on top of what the landlord receives. The majority of the landlords who go through Flatland own five storey Victorian houses which are converted into studios and flats, and they do not want to have to pay management fees and letting commission to estate agencies, and this is why they are so keen to go through Flatland, as we work for them purely as an introduction service with no commission. This is why we have so many properties- we are very much a favourite amongst London Landlords! They flock to us with their vacancies as they do not have to pay commission. We have thousands of Landlords who only deal through Flatland.

What is the fee for? Why do I have to pay before seeing anything?

The fee that we charge covers you for the three month appointment service that Flatland offers. You pay for the introduction appointment service that we offer, and the time and assistance that you receive from our helpful consultants. The reason that we charge this in advance is because we do not charge any commission on top of your weekly rental, and we do not manage the properties - that is done directly by the Landlord. Therefore we receive no management fees or Letting commission from the Landlord. Once you take a property, you do not come back to Flatland; you deal with the Landlord directly and pay the Landlord directly.

Which areas do you cover?

With a large selection of properties in central London, we predominantly cover Travel Zones 1 and 2. However we do deal with property further out, and often the further out you go, the more space you get for your money.

How long will it take me to find a property?

How quickly you find something is really dependent on what you like and what you require. It also depends on how much time you have to go to appointments. Most of our properties are available straight away. Depending on what the landlords need, after deciding on a property it is perfectly possible to move in the same day, within a few days or a week depending entirely on what the Landlord requires (eg: references, proof of income,etc). We aim to keep giving as many appointments as we can until you are accommodated.

Why are your properties so cheap?

Because of the way in which Flatland works, we do not charge any commission on top of your weekly rent as an estate agent would. In addition, Flatland has been establishing its contacts for over 36 years, and has built up great relationships with its Landlords.

How often can I get appointments? When can I go and see property?

You can have an unlimited amount of appointments for up to three months with the Flatland Appointment Service. Different Landlords will view at various different times depending on their own schedules, but it is possible to view properties in the week, evenings and weekends.

Does Flatland have a refund policy?

Flatland has a refund policy. The fee is non refundable if you have had appointments that meet your original criteria, as you will have paid for a three month appointment service, and that service will have already been activated. If you have not had any appointments within 7 days of starting the service, then you are entitled to a full refund. This also applies if, within the first 7 days you have had appointments but they do not match the criteria you have given to us when you signed up. If however, you continue to use the service after the first seven days, the fee will be non-refundable.

What standard of accommodation should I expect?

London is a very expensive city for accommodation, particularly in Zones 1 and 2. With over 100,000 students arriving every autumn from all over the world, and the UK, the accommodation market can be very competitive at this time of year. A good time to look for accommodation in the £50-£200 per week bracket would be the end of June, when all the students go home for the summer, or finish their courses. September and October are the busiest months to look, and with the demand rents can increase by up to 10%. In June in comparison, they can drop by 10%. London is rated the third most expensive city in the world and you will not get the same value for money in London that you get in many other countries and major cities. In Australia for example, it would be possible to get a three bedroom home with a garden for £100 - 120 per week. In London, £100 will get you a bedsit, flatshare or a single studio with kitchenette and shower. When looking for accommodation in central London (Zones 1 and 2) you will need to be realistic with your expectations about what you can get for your budget. If you look in Zones 3 to 6, you will generally get more for your money, as the demand is less.

Do your consultants speak other languages?

We normally have consultants working who speak fluent French and Italian (in addition to English). We sometimes have consultants who speak German, Spanish and Polish.

What is a 'flatshare'?

A flatshare is a property where you have your own bedroom within a flat or house. You share a communal kitchen, bathroom and sometimes a lounge. Rent for a flatshare starts from £65 per week.

What is a 'roomshare'?

A roomshare is a property where you share a room with 1 or more people. You share all other facilities within the house/flat such as a kitchen and bathroom. Rent for a roomshare starts from £50 per person per week.

What is a 'bedsit'?

A bedsit is a property where you have one room (a cross between a bedroom and sitting room). You have your own cooking facilities, but share a bathroom with neighbouring bedsits. Rent starts from £65 per week.

What is a 'studio'?

A studio is a property where you have your own cooking facilities and shower. Self-contained studios also have their own W.C, and more expensive studios have a separate kitchen. Rent starts from £75 per week and self contained studios from £100 per week.

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